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Corporate and Individual Collectors . Publications . Exhibitions and commissioned work

PGM Gallery Munich, Germany
John Walsh 'America's Most Wanted!'
Gannett Corporation Washington D.C.
MCI Int'l Headquarters Frankfurt,Germany
SierraNevadaCollege Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Radisson Hotels  permanent collection
Hilton Hotels  permanent collection
Allen Gallery  Chelsea, NewYorkCity
Eugene Friedman   New York . France
Alan and Helen Morris  Sidney, Australia
John and Jill Lowe HorseshoeCottage,England

Hudson River Museum Westchester, NewYork
Camellia Art Gallery Hilton Head South Carolina

Rehs Gallery, 5th and 57th Street New York NY
Brevard Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Florida
Nelson Adams Fine Art Gallery Denver, Colorado
Margrit Hummel A.Natterer Kilchberg,Switzerland
Bill and Louise McCann   Bodega Bay, California
Harry and Sonja Bronnbauer Eichenbuhl,Germany

Art Students League, New York City
Kristalina  Shishkova  Varna,  Bulgaria
Bay Area Reference Center Oakland,Ca
Mauren Gallery Showcase Málaga, Spain
Brevard Art Museum, Melbourne, Florida
Naples Art Gallery    Naples,  Florida
Judith Tartaglia    Denver, Colorado

Charles and Cynthia Boyd,CocoaBeach,Fl
Carole and Jerry Bertekap, Farmingdale,NJ
Jeffrey Rapp, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Margaret Robinson, Georgetown, Ontario

Randy and Kathie Poliner, Merritt,Island,Fl
Stanley and Phyllis Hughes,FL and Georgia
Gordon Reid vonBroock, New York, NY
Erik Gerard vonBroock, New York, NY
Scott and Patrica Shenton, Indialantic, Fl
Holly and Michael Even, New York, NY
Donald and Frances Trott,  Wayne,  NJ
David and Tonia Schantz, Rochester,NY
Brian and Lisa Schill New Providence,NJ
Adrienne R. Baranoff,  New York, NY

Bill and Patty Spencer, Cocoa Beach, Fl
Marina  Zelle,  New York, New York
Nancy Jones- Designer, Melbourne,Fl
Reagan W. Williams, Amarillo, Texas
Karen Watkins  Merritt Island, Fl
Susan Masiello Satellite Beach, Fl
Janet Gunnerson, Suntree,Fl
Dr Robert E Lamb Viera, Fl
Sam Stier  Plantation, Fl

Rev Jane Wittbold WinterPark,Fl
Barbara Gabbe Harris, Bradenton,Fl
Robin Miller, Merritt Is and Orlando, Fl
Harry and Wendy Brandon Tortoise Is,FL
Paula and William Harr, MelbourneBeach,Fl
Drs John and Sara Turse MelbourneBeach,Fl

Brent and Cherri Peoples Melbourne Beach, Fl

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Art in America guide
Art and Antiques collectors guide
After Dark evening entertainment guide - New York . Miami . Aspen
PGM Galleries Worldwide 700 page reference book included with the work of
masters' Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, as well as contemporary artists.

New York University, New York City  liberal arts
Hunter College, New York City   liberal arts
Art Students League, New York City
Institute of Finance, New York City

Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art 

Painting for a program book and poster for the 45th year and 50th year celebration of
The Brevard Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne, Florida.
Art cover for a Cd of 'Mozart's Requiem' Brevard Community Chorus and Orchestra , Melbourne, Fl


Thank you to all collectors worldwide

Zoé Mac  is an internationally known artist whose paintings have been published in
the United States, Europe and subsequently marketed with collectors in all fifty states
and internationally in countries that include Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland,
Germany, Austria, Spain, South Aftrica, Bulgaria and areas of Australia.

Her work has been featured with notable publishers at the New York International Art
Exposition.  Nationally, Zoé Mac's lithographs have been marketed in TIME magazine
along with the legendary Erté and Eyvind Earle who was known for his backdrop in the
movies 'Snow White' and 'Sleeping Beauty'. During that same time, she had a showing
at a Gallery in Jupiter, Florida with the well known singer and painter Tony Bennett.

Zoé Mac's paintings grace the walls of corporations such as Hilton Hotels and Gannett
Corp as well as being in private collections; one of which includes several paintings
owned by the honorable John Walsh of 'America's Most Wanted'.

Zoé Mac received her fine art training at the Art Students League of New York. There she
studied painting with master watercolorist Mario Cooper who encouraged her to pursue a
career as an artist and It was her college fine art professor who recommended her for
her first teaching position at the Hudson River Museum in Westchester, New York.

For six consecutive years she was a guest instructor during summer workshop programs
at Sierra Nevada College, LakeTahoe. She has also shared her special painting technique
to art groups in Los Angeles, NewYork, Hilton Head-South Carolina,many cities in Florida,
and from continent to continent traveling extensively as lecturer and teacher aboard The
Queen Elizabeth 2,  CrystalCruises, Regent Radisson Seven Seas  and  Oceania Cruises.

Along with the above, her paintings are included in the fine art collection and auctions of
cruiselines' worldwide along with the work of Joan Miró. Marc Chagall, Picasso and Erté.

"The paintings are the expression of what I see and have integrated
as an artist. During early years as a painter, I was moved by the
art of WassilyKandinsky, Vincent VanGogh and Egon Schiele.
Their spirits' touched me to expound in my own work and vision."